This band is a huge network of talented people, whose support and friendship is as important to The Mitchells as the four of us who play the notes. There are too many people to name, but here’s our best shot at it:

Our families: Dana, Jessica, Julie and Sarah

Chris Dye / Design for website, band logo, posters

Andy Sheeks / Website development and custom WordPress template

Bryan Rasmussen / Live sound engineering, and never asking “who plays rhythm and who plays lead?”

Yuri Bredle / Copywriting and band bio

Mark Becknell / Design for posters, album art

Tommy Cappell / Recording, mixing, and mastering our album

Wendy Minor Viny / Album and website photography, free lodging in the art barn

Ric Hordinski / Believing in The Mitchells, guitar virtuosity

Stanard Design Partners / Design for show posters

Ben Riddlebarger / Original poster artwork for Die schöene Müllerin

J.C. Aiello / Marketing and editing




Ghetto blaster

Noah Wotherspoon

Carolyn Kingsbury

Travis Talbert

Amber Neff

Jordan Neff

Tim Golliher

Ed Rush

Dan McCabe

Dennis Wine and Jon Colasurd @ Rhinegeist